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083.Batman Cronologia.One Bullet Too Many (1969)

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Big changes are taking place in Batman 217 (Dec. 69), and the story lives up to the promise of the cover. The first few pages of…

082.Batman Cronologia.Birds of Prey – Batgirl_Catwoman (2003)

Two women from Batman’s life together at last! join forces to thwart a murderer who preys on prostitutes…but what they uncover is a greater evil than either of them could hope to defeat… Continuar lendo

081.Batman Cronologia -Teen Titans – Reunion (1981)

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Consider this a digest cover counterweight to the image we posted last month, of the old-timey Justice Society all pitching in on a project. Teamwork vs. Self-Absorption.…

080.Batman Cronologia – The Man Who Falls (1989)

The Man Who Falls (1989) originally published in Secret Origins Written by Dennis O’Neil, Illustrated by Dick Giordano By John A. Butz It is difficult to summarize Denny O’Neil’s classic Batman origin story The Man…

079.Batman Cronologia – Teen Titans – Nightmares Begin

DC COMICS PRESENTS #26 & NEW TEEN TITANS #1 “WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN!” |”THE BIRTH OF THE TITANS!” Writer-Co-Creators-Penciler: Marv Wolfman & George Pérez Finishers: Dick Giordano (DCP #26) & Romeo Tanghal (NTT #1)… Continuar lendo

078.Batman Cronologia – Batgirl

  Nome Original: Batman: Batgirl Editora/Ano: Mythos, 2004 (DC, 1997) Preço/ Páginas: R$4,50/ 52 páginas Gênero: Ação/ Super-Herói Roteiro: Kelley Puckett Arte: Matt Haley Sinopse: Em seus primeiros anos como Batgirl,( continuação direta… Continuar lendo

077. Batman Cronologia – Love Bird (1987)

In the first story by Alan Moore, Clayface III has fallen in love with a mannequin, and he believes Batman is trying to steal her away from him. Even if Batman can’t save… Continuar lendo

076.Batman Cronologia – Legend of the Dark Mite

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Having sorted through many of the comic books I wanted to get rid of, and those I wanted to hold on to, I decided…

075 -Batman Cronologia : Batman / Super-Homem / Mulher Maravilha: Trindade

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“Eu entendo que não posso resolver todos os problemas da Terra. Mas isso nunca vai me impedir de tentar.” Olá! Continuando com as postagens sobre as pessoas que…

Batman Cronologia 72 e 74 – Contos do Demônio

Resenha Vortex Cultural – Grandes Classicos DC O principal fator que motivou a criação de Ra’s Al Ghul por parte de Denny O’Neil e Neal Adams era a necessidade que o herói possuía de… Continuar lendo