Review: Stella Dallas (1937) – **

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[Spoiler Alert]

Where to begin? I’m bestowing upon Stella Dallas, which many generally agree is an undisputable classic American movie, an unfavorable review. Such critics may intend “classic” to mean “grand,” “timeless,” or “memorable.” However, the movie is more like the video-store-genre definition of “classic”: any old movie. The ending of the movie is sad, and a few of the emotional actions seem genuine. However, some of the scenes in the movie have too many leaps of logic, and the reasoning of the theme itself of the film is irrational.

I am not trying to insinuate this is a completely terrible movie or even glad to report a negative review. I really wanted to like this and went into the movie with an open mind, and there is at least one element to admire in the movie. Barbara Stanwyck is absolutely great in this movie, and it’s the best…

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