#107 Song at Midnight (1937)

Oh, For the Love of 1001 Films!

I’m sure you remember Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera, right? Disfigured man who lives in a theatre, falls for an opera singer that sings there and ruins any chances of her happiness to ensure that they are together? Well, this is kinda sorta a remake/adaptation of that film. Ma-Xu Weibang’s Song at Midnight is when a disfigured revolutionary living at an old theatre seeks the help of an actor to reunite him with his girlfriend.

So the main character Song Dangping was a revolutionary tragic hero whose enemies, jealous of the love he had for Miss Li, doused him in nitric acid, leaving him disfigured. He did not want his girlfriend to see him so he pretended that he died but still sings out the window to her every night to improve her mental state (how romantic! If only all men today could do this to please a…

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