089_Batman Cronologia: Nightwing – Year One (2005)


Nightwing – Year One


What happens when the one thing you’ve been trained for all your life is suddenly taken away from you? What happens when you’ve banished from your home and have no idea what to do with your life? What if you face a decision you never saw coming? Do you pick the safe, simple life, or do you choose to continue your life’s calling on your own terms? That is the question Dick Grayson (the first Robin) faces in the Nightwing: Year One graphic novel. Even if the answer is something no one – least of all Grayson – predicted.

The tale begins with the inevitable. As Dick Grayson grew into additional obligations (college, social life, etc), the time Robin stands at Batman’s side became more and more remote. Sooner or later there would come a time when the Dark Knight needed his Boy Wonder, and Robin…

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