086 – Batman Cronologia – Showdown (1982)

Babblings about DC Comics 4


Boss Thorne takes centre stage in the Conway, Newton and Alcala story in Batman 354 (Dec. 82).


As the situation in Gotham spirals out of the control of Mayor Hamilton Hill and the new police commissioner, Paulins, the deputy status of Batman is revoked, and replaced with a shoot to kill order.  Not long after, Batman does get shot by an officer, and returns to the cave, bleeding profusely, to be tended by Alfred.


Dr. Thirteen is out of the hospital, but with no memory of entering the Batcave.  He has been hired by Boss Thorne to seek out the ghost of Hugo Strange.  What he finds are holographic projectors, which have been relaying the image of Strange’s ghost.


In the previous issue of Detective, Batman broke Deadshot out of prison (the reason for the shoot to kill order), and we see that he is being held in the Batcave…

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