085 -Batman Cronologia – Shadow Play (1982)

Babblings about DC Comics 4


Batman and family move back home to Wayne Manor, but deal with an unwanted squatter in Batman 348 (June 1982), by Conway, Colan and Janson.


I knew I would love this story when Bruce and Dick have problems moving the giant penny back into the Batcave.  Alfred is wise enough to stay out of this completely.


No sooner have they moved back into the Manor than Francine Langstrom and her daughter Rebecca show up, to bitch at Bruce about not doing anything to find and cure her husband, Kirk – better known as Man-Bat.  Why this should be Bruce Wayne’s responsibility is not entirely clear.  Francine then promptly passes out, and remains unconscious until the end of the story.


A couple of subplots get built on.  Barbara Gordon is upset to see her father so forlorn, and decides to contact Jason Bard.


Vicki Vale informs her editor that she has…

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