A Brief History of Batman: Part 3

Xavier Vega

Before we get into Batman again, there’s a quick detour that has to be explained.

If you read Part 1, you’ll recall that DC Comics has published so many contradictory stories over the years that they decided to pull the old “we have parallel universes” trick. They even had heroes from the parallel universes crossing over, hence Two Batmen and Two Supermen (and evil counterparts). Long story short, eventually all the strings became too much to handle, so DC decided to kill everybody.

How? With Crisis On Infinite Earths, a story involving The Anti-Monitor, a being made of Anti-Matter that destroyed several universes.

Single-handedly the most destructive villain DC ever made. Single-handedly the most destructive villain DC ever made.

Published between 1985 and 1986, it’s a 12 part story that features as much of the DC Multiverse as possible, coming together to fight one bad motherfucker. I recommend you check it out, but what does this have to…

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