A Brief History of Batman: Part 2

Xavier Vega

Let’s continue our Brief History of Batman. The picture above is Batman #189, published February, 1967. Understand that the comics were still silly, as was the TV show, but during the 60’s we had all that liberalism.

Hippies happened, Civil Rights happened, and young people were making history. College protests, social reform, all that good stuff. As time went on, older folks in the comics industry slowly started taking in younger folk, giving them chances to take the reigns, and these people started changing the superheroes.

Stan Lee and the Marvel Folk were praised for making superheroes who had realistic problems (though like Bob Kane, Stan Lee gets a little too much credit as opposed to guys like Jack Kirby), essentially pumping out Soap Operas with Super Heroes.

The 60’s stuff still had some Pop-Art melodrama, but at the very least they were copying things from the real world. The…

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