080.Batman Cronologia – The Man Who Falls (1989)

The Man Who Falls (1989) originally published in Secret Origins Written by Dennis O’Neil, Illustrated by Dick Giordano

By John A. Butz

It is difficult to summarize Denny O’Neil’s classic Batman origin story The Man Who Falls.  It is a short work, running only sixteen pages.  The action covers only a moment of time, no more than a few minutes.  The narrative covers a lifetime.  It is beautifully drawn.  It is simply and amazingly written.

I think it is the best Batman story ever told.

The art is beautiful.  Dick Giordano was one of the early giants of comic book illustration, beginning his career with Charlton Comics in 1952, and over the years working closely with everyone from Carmine Infantino (the creator of the Silver-Age Flash and long-time DC editor who hired Giordano in 1968) to George Perez (the man who penciled DC’s 50-year Anniversary event, Crisis on Infinte Earths). …

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