Batman Cronologia 073 – Batgirl Year One (2003)

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You voted, and I finally delivered…I read Batgirl Year One!

A little background, Batgirl: Year One is a comic book mini-series published by DC Comics in nine parts, from February to October 2003, and then compiled into trade paperback form (which is what I just read). Written by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon, with art by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez, the mini-series shows how modern Barbara Gordon became the first Batgirl.

The journey to Batgirl as we know her, starts with a recently graduated Barbara Gordon, wanting to follow in the footsteps of her father (Chief of Police James Gordon). Her father completely dismisses the idea and she is denied from the police academy. As a computer science and data retrieval major Barbara Gordon is 100% qualified to become a cop or work for the FBI (which she is also denied) but because she is perceived…

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