A Vingança do Submundo (1995)


Holy Comics, Batman!

Underworld Unleashed was one of those trades that I went into completely blind.  I didn’t recognize the main villain on the cover, nor did I have any indication of what the story arc would be.  I opened this book utterly unaware of what I was about to read, and as it turns out, that was for the best.

The premise is laid out quite nicely.  Neron, a villain who is also referred to as the devil himself, summons heroes and villains alike to hell, in order to offer them a deal: their heart’s desire in exchange for their souls.


He makes a pretty compelling offer.

Unsurprisingly, many agree to these terms, selling their souls for the strength and power they’ve always desired.  We learn all of this through Trickster, a B-level villain from the olden days who serves as a sort of narrator for this story.

As the story progresses…

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