063_Detective Comics 395: The Secret of the Waiting Graves(1970)

In Central Mexico, Batman faces off against a wealthy married couple who may be criminally insane, may have survived for over 150 years with the help of strange flowers, and who wish to spread the flowers and insanity throughout the world.

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clues to a mystery

Detective Comics 395: The Secret of the Waiting Graves

This is from the first appearance of the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams team-up in Detective comics 395. The writer/artist duo would go on to redefine Batman, bringing him back to his roots as a mysterious figure who often finds himself embroiled in gothic mystery.
This new, darker approach to the character was refreshing after the high camp that had been a hallmark of the TV show.
The brooding, menacing Batman we know today can be traced back to this era of Detective comics – beginning in 1970 and winding it’s way through the decade. Over the coming months I’ll be posting some of the very best panels from these issues, beginning with this one in which Batman has been dosed with  mysterious “Sybil Flowers” which both cause immortality and intense psychedelic hallucinations.

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