A Closer Look: Vixen – Season 1 Recap, Analysis & Arrow “Taken” Primer

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The Insightful Panda

Vixen Animated Live Action

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you learned that a character named “Vixen” will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Arrow titled “Taken”. Rather than an out of nowhere introduction, Vixen has actually existed in the Arrow-verse for almost an entire season now – in an albeit different, and yet still familiar form.

Vixen was an animated miniseries that aired on CW Seed. Each episode is approximately several minutes in length, but thankfully now that Season 1 is over, it’s all been compacted into one half hour Season video. So if you have the time, I HIGHLY recommend you watch it on CW Seed as it encompasses the best of the Arrow-verse and DC animation. But if you just want to get to the facts – and/or dig a little deeper into the series – allow me to be your guide as we take a Closer…

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