Superman Week: The One Superman Story I Hope They Don’t Adapt

Nota - 3,5

Fiero Fredo

Death of Superman - Bloody LogoEven before it’s premiered in the USA, Man of Steel has already been projected to be such a moneymaker that a sequel has already been greenlit by Warner Brothers.  It’s no surprise.  That was why they brought Christopher Nolan and his entire “Dark Knight” team over from that trilogy.  It’s why they signed every major participant to a three-picture deal.  Now whether those three pictures become Man of Steel and two direct sequels or Man of Steel, one sequel and a Justice League movie is waiting to be seen.  I’ve no doubts the Justice League rumors will not abate as WB and DC try to position themselves just as Marvel and Paramount have with The Avengers.

Now that the sequel has been approved, there is likely to be plenty of interest in what story will be told next and what villain will take center stage.  While I do have some…

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