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Once upon a screen...

I recently watched Lowell Sherman’s, She Done Him Wrong (1933) starring the incomparable Mae West.  While watching, I couldn’t help but think of the film in regards to its connection to The Motion Picture Production Code ( also referred to as The Production Code, simply The Code or The Hays Code, after Hollywood’s chief censor at the time, Will H. Hays who was a former politician and first president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association of America.)  I’d learned about the  connection between Mae West’s film and The Code during a history of film course I took years back.  So, here’s a rather laid-back look at – the film, The Code and the connection.

In brief – The Code’s history

Since the early days of the movie industry, which was recognized as hugely influential to public minds, censorship was handled by local boards on city or state levels…

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