Infinitely Polar Bear (2015)

Nota - 3,5

MotoRuxin Reviews

10 out of 10“a heartwarming, feel-good film that you IMDBwill simply want to hug along with Mark Ruffalo’s outstanding performance…”

infinitely_polar_bear_ver2_xlgBipolar disorder (formerly called manic depression) is an intense mood disorder defined by episodes ranging from clinical depression to mania, or extreme elation and energy often causing sleeplessness, grandiose delusions, and even paranoid rage according to WebMD. The symptoms vary from person to person. While some may only experience a symptom or two, others are met with many that can hinder their ability to hold down a job and live a normal life. For their loved ones, coping with the ups and downs of a mental illness can be frustrating since they are still the same person they’ve always known. Even more so, it can be confusing and even embarrassing for the children of those suffering with bipolar disorder since they aren’t “normal” like everyone else. Infinitely Polar Bear (directed by Maya Forbes…

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