Me and My Gal (1932)

Nota - 03

1001: A Film Odyssey

Have you ever had that moment after walking away from a heated debate, or lying in bed long after a discussion ended, and the perfect one liner pops in your head? That moment doesn’t exist in screwball comedy land. A time in filmmaking when physical gags were gunned down by quick fire dialogue. A place where everyone is wittier than the last and sharp as a… sharp thing.

Me and My Gal or Pier 13 is an early glimmer of screwball comedies to come when hits like Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday proved Cary Grant didn’t breathe. But as Howard Hawks and the like warmed up for a decade of fun, Danny Dolan (Spencer Tracey) patrolled Pier 13, an easy beat with colourful characters and the beauty Helen Riley (Joan Bennett) behind a cash register.


Dolan is a straight character without flourish. Riley is a beauty without depth…

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