Pânico nos Céus

Babblings about DC Comics 3


A small army of guest stars are in Action 675 (March 1992), the fourth chapter of Panic in the Sky.  Stern, McLeod and Rodier chart the heroes who have invaded Brainiac’s headship, to confront him directly, as well as those on the ground, battling his forces.


Superman is not actually part of either team, as he has been dealing with Supergirl, restoring her memory.  They are down in Cadmus, working with Dubbilex, looking for weaknesses in Brainiac’s ship.


Batman leads the ground forces, but we spend more time with the regular supporting characters, Gangbuster and Rose and Thorn.


Brainiac takes control of the minds of many of the heroes who have invaded his ship, turning them against the others.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.

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