11- “Batman: Prey”

John Lees Comics

Are you excited for The Dark Knight Rises yet?  Though it is not due for release until summer 2012, the sequel to The Dark Knight -colossal blockbuster and my favourite film – is already at the top of my most anticipated movies list.  A couple of months back, Tom Hardy – the brilliant actor best known for his roles in Bronson and Inception – was cast in an unknown role, presumably as the villain.  And this brings up an interesting dynamic for this third film: thanks to the end of Batman Begins, we knew right off the bat (no pun intended) that The Joker would be the villain of the next Batman movie.  But for this film, it’s anyone’s guess.  I know who I want the villain to be, though.

Professor Hugo Strange.

Now, some of you reading may be thinking, “Huh?  Who the hell is that?”  In fact…

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