10 -Batman and the Monster Men.


Batman and the Monster Men

With Dark Moon Rising, Matt Wagner answers a question that remained unanswered since 1987: how did the early adventures of the Bat-Man, with its gothic atmosphere and elements that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie, fit into the life of the Batman that emerged after Crisis on Infinite Earths and, more specifically, after the revamping of the character in Batman: Year One, in which a modern urban setting and a relatively “realistic” tone were established for the adventures of the Dark Knight for years to follow?

And, at least with the first installment of the project, Batman and the Monster Men (BATMM), the answer he provides is an effective and entertaining one.

With BATMM, Wagner accomplishes something that seemed impossible: he unifies the original mad scientist version of Hugo Strange with the psychiatrist one that was introduced in the “Prey” story from the Batman: Legends of…

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