Crítica – Storm over Asia (Potomok chingis-khana)

Nota - 3,5

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Storm over Asia Avenge the white man’s blood!

Storm over Asia is a Russian film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin about a man who, upon fighting with another man over the price of a fox pelt, flees into the mountains to avoid retribution. There, he is found by some enemy troops, and when they find a satchel among his possessions that seems to signify that he is the descendant of Genghis Khan, is parleyed into acting as a puppet leader before he finds the initiative inside himself to wrest control back into his own hands. I go this deep into the plot to help you understand just what is happening on screen, because otherwise, you might be a little lost.

The cinematography is very typical of silent pictures; somewhat stilted, but able to get the point across, with some occasional bright flashes of innovation. As per the usual Russian cinema, it features some spectacular…

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